Advocating for Peace in Ukraine

Canada-Wide Peace and Justice Network members have been actively advocating for Peace in Ukraine for many months and are continuing to do so. We as a collective have pushed for deescalation and an end to this war and once more are raising the alarm to the threat of nuclear deployment facing humanity. In addition to organizing a rally in your community, we encourage you to write or meet with your local MP, write a letter to the editor, donate or sign any petition calling for peace.

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I just saw the beautiful Costa Rican film on having no military. It was so moving and lifted me out of depression even. The leaders of demilitarizing Costa Rica are indeed on the level of Ghandi…Thank you for your amazing work and education today…I am a Canadian living in the US and it is a grind spiritually. I look forward to connecting with you and writing a letter.
Victor Anderson, Albany, New York

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