About the Network

Founded in 2020, the Canada-Wide Peace and Justice Network brings together groups, organizations and individuals from across Turtle Island, north of the Medicine Line, who are working in or committed to working in anti-war, peace, environmental, international solidarity, decolonization, and/or social justice areas. Members share broad support for anti-war, peace, and disarmament activities and come together to share information and resources, and work together on collective campaigns and projects. A list of member organizations is available here.

Meetings and structure

Network-wide meetings are held every 2 months via Zoom to allow for remote participation from all members. A coordinating committee helps with logistics for keeping the network functioning, but is not a decision-making body; decisions are made by the entire network.

The network’s agreed upon process for decision-making and membership is available here.

Email Listservs

We have two email listservs.

One is an Announcement list open to anyone who would like to share and be sent event announcements, calls to collaborate or sign on to a particular project or campaign, or announcements of peace work happening in Canada. You can join the announcement email group/listserv here. (Having trouble joining? Send a message to us here and mention that you want to be subscribed to the listserv and we will add you directly).

The second email list is a members-only list exclusively for organizational members of the network, and is used for sharing network business and announcements, campaign updates, and making decisions.

Join us!

Do you represent an organization interested in joining the network? A membership sign up form for organizations is available here.

Individuals are welcome to join the network’s Announcement email listserv (see above).