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We’re a new network bringing people and groups together to share information and resources, and work together on collective campaigns and projects.

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  • Shut Down CANSEC
    Join us on May 31st 2023 to make it impossible for anyone to come anywhere near North America’s biggest arms fair without directly confronting the violence and bloodshed these arms dealers are complicit in.
  • #CanadaStopArmingSaudi 2023 Days of Action to End the War in Yemen
    The war in Yemen must stop! Antiwar and peace activists and organizations are marking 8 years of the war on Yemen with days of action from March 25-27, 2023.
  • No to War, No to NATO
    Register HERE. For the last year, the war in Ukraine has been reflected daily in mainstream news, but remains an issue clouded by confusion. While events of the last year are front page […]
  • Stop the War, Stop NATO International Weekend of Action – February 23-26, 2023
    The Canada-Wide Peace and Justice Network organized a weekend of action to “Stop the War, Stop NATO” from February 23-26, 2023 in solidarity with other pro-peace, anti-war actions occurring around the world at […]
  • January 13 – 22: Stop U.S./Canada/NATO Wars and Occupations!
    Across Canada, many Canada-Wide Peace and Justice Network members action to reject Canada’s imperialist wars, occupations, sanctions and military interventions. Interview with Ken Stone (Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War) on Canada-wide protests. […]
  • Human Rights, Canadian Imperialism and Haiti’s Fight for Self-Determination
    Human Rights, Canadian Imperialism and Haiti’s Fight for Self-Determination View the recording here Haitians are currently protesting on a massive scale and Canada is leading the international push for foreign military intervention. Why […]
  • De-escalate and Repatriate: Statement regarding the death of Canadian mercenary Joseph Hildebrand in Ukraine
    It’s urgent that Canada step up, seek to de-escalate the current conflict and repatriate all the Canadian troops and mercenaries currently in Ukraine. Instead of fighting battles for the U.S. empire, Canada should be fighting the battles that really matter, the ones that save human lives rather than extinguishing them.
  • #FundPeaceNotWar Semaine d’Action Canadienne
    Du 15 au 23 octobre, les militants exigeront NON aux nouveaux avions de chasse, aux navires de guerre et aux drones ! Nous avons besoin de milliards pour le logement, les soins de santé, l’emploi et le climat, PAS pour les profiteurs de guerre !
  • #FundPeaceNotWar Week of Action
    From October 15th to 23rd, join us in demanding NO new fighter jets, warships, or drones! We need billions for housing, health care, jobs and climate, NOT for war profiteering!
  • Cancel MP Judy Sgro’s delegation to Taiwan
    The Canada-Wide Peace and Justice Network adamantly opposes the visit of a delegation of Canadian MP’s to Taiwan proposed for October 2022. This delegation, to be led by the Minister for Foreign Trade, […]

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